National Planning Policy Framework

Guidance for local planning authorities and decision-takers, both in drawing up plans and making decisions about planning applications.


For the purposes of this website, neighbourhoods are taken as UK Census Middle Super Output Areas (MSOAs). They contain in the region of 7,800 people on average in 2011.


Office for National Statistics

Neighbourhood (new flood data)

Defined here as a spatial unit covering Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) in England and Wales, Data Zone (DZs) in Scotland and Super Output Areas (SOAs) in Northern Ireland.

Neighbourhood (original flood data & heat data)

Defined here as a spatial unit covering Medium Super Output Areas (MSOAs) (~7,200 people), but for original flood and heat data only.  

Neighbourhood Flood Vulnerability Index (NFVI)

Defined here based on a series of indicators that provide insight into the inherent social characteristics of a neighbourhood that make a community more or less vulnerable to a loss of well-being should a flood occur.